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Probably no industry is as international as shipping. In fact, almost all its external communications are carried out in English.
At the same time there are numerous large and small German companies who, in one way or another, have dealings in shipping, trade, transport etc. It is of utmost importance to them that their English documents are correct – both technically and linguistically. And there are often English texts that need translating for the company’s German business processes.
In neither case is there room for misunderstanding.

I offer competent and professional translations from English into German and from German into English, as well as proofreadings of your English documents, presentations etc.

Apart from general texts of any kind, I primarily translate

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About me.

My name is Margaret Schindler. As the daughter of a German and a Scot, I was raised bilingually and am fluent in both German and English at native-speaking level.

The first part of my professional life I spent in active seafaring, as an apprentice, ship mechanic, and ship operation engineer. Later I worked ashore for two shipping companies based in Hamburg, Germany, including two and a half years as a member of a ship newbuilding team in Shanghai, China. As from 2015, I was a freelance nautical and technical translator.

Since 2020 I have been working as an investigator at the German Federal Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation. Therefore I can only take on select translation projects at present.

I am married and have two children; we live in the beautiful “Altes Land”, just south of the maritime city of Hamburg.


I mainly (but not only) provide translations for businesses in the shipping industry, as well as for engineering and other technical companies.

*) As a rule, I do NOT translate legal texts. Whenever similar works can be found in my references, these carry an additional note stating that no legal certainty can be guaranteed for the translation.


Margaret Schindler
Graduate Engineer (Diplom-Ingenieur) for Ship Operation

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